Cracking Up

A fearlessly honest memoir….I laughed and cried, and found a kindred soul within these pages.

Kris Camealy, author of Holey, Wholly, Holy

Cracking Up2

If you’ve ever wondered where God is in the mess of your upended life, Cracking Up is the book for you.

The story of the year after I found out my unexpected third pregnancy was twins, in which I got hit with anxiety and depression unlike anything I have ever known, Cracking Up is my attempt to make sense of the darkness I experienced. I offer it to you in the hope that you will feel less alone in your own darkness—because we are never alone. No matter how deep the darkness gets, God is deeper still.

And God is holding you, just as God was holding me, though I could not see it at the time.

If you want to read a beautifully written, often painfully honest account of trying to pay attention to God through the rigors of motherhood, start here. Kimberlee holds nothing back—joy, depression, fatigue, faith crises, and holy moments. In the end, it feels less like a book about parenting children and more about God’s parenting of us. It will help you pay attention to your life.

~Dan Baumgartner, Senior Pastor,
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

Cracking Up1

Kimberlee Conway Ireton’s writing is evocative and honest, modeling a deep prayer life and joyful obedience to God. I love the vivid contrasts as she describes her emotions: anxiety and trust, tears and laughter, contentment and longing for more. Kimberlee gives us the privilege of an intimate look into a year of her life. We hear her heartbeat, and we draw near to God with her.”

~Lynne M. Baab, author of Joy Together and Sabbath Keeping

Kimberlee Conway Ireton writes a boldly honest story that reads like a confession. Her book is a persistent digging to find the light…a story of God’s enduring faithfulness, and it is a revelation of the Father’s love for her, and for all of us.

~Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol

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