I Love Libraries!

Most of you know (or if you didn’t, you probably guessed) that I love books. I love the feel of the pages, the crisp black of type on white paper, and the journey of discovery from cover to cover.

Unfortunately, our house is tiny. I only have room for one bookcase for my books and three additional shelves of kids’ books. I also have two large bins of books in the basement that won’t fit on the shelves upstairs.

For a bibliophile, this really isn’t that many books. Not nearly enough to satiate me and my book-loving children.

Hence, the library.

Every Friday, the kids and I go to the Ballard Library. We’ve been making this weekly pilgrimage since Jack was two. The day has changed over the years, but the destination has not. Nor has the big basket of library books that sits in the living room.

The library has allowed our space-challenged family to read countless fairy tales, picture books, science books, history books, novels, and Bible stories that we simply don’t have room to own.

It’s also afforded us access to out-of-print books that we can’t find anywhere else (and couldn’t afford even if we found them).

Though we primarily use the library for books, we’ve also checked out magazines, books-on-CD, and movies. And for a number of years, library story time was a part of our weekly rhythm, and it will be again once the boys are a little older.

As a token of thanks for the many ways the Seattle Public Library has enriched our family’s life, I am participating in Jennifer Hubbard’s Library-Lovin’-Challenge, a fundraiser for libraries.

Here’s how you can help raise money for libraries across the country:

1. Leave a comment on this post. For every comment (only one per person, please) between now and April 7, I’ll donate a dollar to the Seattle Public Library, up to $50.

2. Email a link to this post to your library-loving friends and ask them to leave a comment.

3. Visit Jennifer’s site and leave comments on the blogs she lists.

4. Make a contribution. If you’d like to donate to the Seattle Public Library – or your local library – just leave a comment letting me know the name of your library system and the amount of your pledge. Every little bit will help!

Thank you, friends, for your comments in support of free books for all. Here’s to libraries!

  • Jenn Hubbard

    Thank you for joining in and spreading the library love!

  • http://www.ranniedomnotes.blogspot.com Annie Gage

    I like to binge on books at libraries- no weight gain, no hangover, no debt afterward, and it’s totally legal!

  • http://www.janetsfox.com Janet Fox

    Go libraries! Whoot!

  • Brenda

    We worry that our piles of books will fall over on us someday, and we hope the neighbors will be able to hear our cries for help. Curt buys books. I use the library, so those would mainly be Curt’s books threatening our welfare. Yay libraries!

  • Christina

    Thank you so much for loving libraries! As a librarian, I really appreciate what you have pledged to do.

  • http://kimberlysabatini.blogspot.com/ Kimberly Sabatini

    Yay Libraries!!!!! Glad to see more people joining this great challenge!!!!

  • KIM

    I was stacking the books this morning and figured I better comment! We love libraries too, Kimberlee. My grandmother was a librarian for 25+ years and it’s in my blood. Thank you for doing this!

  • Cathee Till

    Such joy to find a blog post entirely dedicated to the wonders of the library. I couldn’t agree more, and I can’t wait until Sarah is old enough to appreciate the library as much as me. We’ll have to institute Library Day, too.

  • http://observationdesk.blogspot.com/ Katie Carroll

    I’m loving all this library love this week.

  • http://margorowder.com Margo Rowder

    Thanks for participating, Kimberlee, fellow library-loving challenge taker! Seattle libraries are lucky to have you.

  • http://www.jessicaleader.com Jessica Leader

    Hello, fellow challenger! You are so lucky to have access to the Seattle Public Library–the main branch is amazing! The database is top-notch, too–I sometimes use it to get suggestions for books on particular topics. Ah, so fun to share the library love!

  • http://writegame.blogspot.com C. Lee McKenzie

    So glad that you’re paying back with your participation. Hope you’ll visit me at http://writegame.blogspot.com and help me meet my goal.

  • http://sarahmullengilbert.wordpress.com Sarah Mullen Gilbert

    Huzzah for libraries!

  • http://www.jessicaspotswood.com Jess

    Yay for libraries! I really look forward to taking my hypothetical future children to the library someday too!

  • Glyn

    We don’t use the library nearly as much as we ought. Our downfall is the library book sale where we buy rather than borrow books. Although, I suppose one could say we borrow them for a small fee, because once we’re done with them we often return them so they can be sold again to raise funds for Friends of the Library Foundation. I think it’s about time to make another donation!

  • Kristin Hovaguimian

    We love the library, too, and visit it weekly! Love SPL’s “hold” system!!

  • http:yascribe.com Angelina C. Hansen

    I’m a big fan of the Seattle Libraries. Thanks for your generosity!

  • http://www.lynnebaab.com Lynne Baab

    I’m priviledged to have access to three libraries: a city library, a university library and a seminary library. I couldn’t do my life of teaching and writing without them. Good for you for drawing attention to the blessing libraries are.

  • Cynthia Kniffin

    There is a public library just three blocks from my house and it is my favorite way to get out of the house with Abigail when I’m feeling a little stir crazy.

  • http://litfromwoe.blogspot.com Alexis

    Wonderful, wonderful idea – I would be a wreck without my local library. Thank you!

  • http://Www.tjellebean.blogspot.com Michelle

    We love Library Day! Thanks for donating and reminding us of yet another blessing!

  • http://bethpratt.tumblr.com Beth

    The library helps me keep my book collection in check too. I love that about libraries!

  • Mihkai

    Where else could I satisfy my quest for learning about “my new thing” every week… last week I turned in all of the Bread Machine books, because now I am a bread machine myself. Two weeks before that, I turned in all the sandwich books, because I still hate lunch. I think this week, I am going to look for some new novels and some books on sewing. Thanks SPL… you are awesome and we love you (Wicklines)

  • Shelley

    I am living in Costa Rica, a land without libraries or books in general. You are so lucky to have a library and most people take them for granted.

  • http://www.angeladegroot.com Angela De Groot

    I love libraries too!

  • Mindy

    The Ballard Library is our home library too! My 3-year old and I are there weekly. Thanks for doing this!

  • Rona

    I just followed a retweet from @splBuzz to your website. Good luck with the fundraiser! Love libraries! I miss my grad student days when you would have your own carrel and always have your own space for studying.

  • Michelle

    Twitter sent me here! I love libraries too!

  • Alyssa

    Also found you via twitter. Good for you for finding a creative way to support SPL!

  • Mona

    Go Library!

  • Maura

    Seattle Public library is the best!

  • David

    I love libraries too!

  • Tiffany Werner

    We miss seeing you at the Ballard library, but we love our new Northeast Seattle location too. I absolutely could not homeschool without our beloved library system. Thanks for giving it the props it deserves.

  • Rikki

    I have so many books that we are about to make a large donation to our church library! My oldest son LOVES to read – he is constantly shoving books in my face to read to him – I can’t wait until he is old enough to sit quietly in libraries.

  • jen

    books good.

  • Clare

    I am a longtime library lover! Sad I am no longer in walking distance of one!