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Grief and Joy

I walk with tears in my eyes down to my favorite viewpoint, and I pray. “God, it’s been a year and a half. I should be over this by now. I shouldn’t still be weeping about it.” But I am. I’m just tired, I tell myself. And that is true. Or maybe I’m PMSing. That […]

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A Feast of Joy and Thanksgiving

“Gratitude spreads his feast of joy and thanksgiving for gifts that come to him without any special thought of him on the part of the giver, who indeed may himself have gone from the world hundreds of years ago. Thus he says his grace for a delightful or helpful book, for a great picture, for […]

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Portrait of Jesus

Many thanks to the lovely person who left this beauty of a book on my front porch yesterday. What a delightful surprise! I stayed up in the dark quiet last night poring over the words and pictures. Thank you, sweet reader, whoever you are, for caring for me in this way and for starting my […]

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